why DONATE to the centre?


The Eastern Cape Refugee Centre relies on funding and donations to conduct and sustain its projects and programmes. If you interested in helping us continue to build cohesive communities and promote peaceful co-existence we welcome your direct bank deposits and in-kind donations.Please note that we do not accept any cash donations as part of our efforts to promote transparency and accountability.



If you would like to make a direct bank deposit to The Centre, please contact:

Albertina Noge +27 (0) 41 583 1851




The ECRC works with numerous vulnerable families and welcomes any in-kind donations of the items listed below:


•Old Clothes


•Toiletries and Sanitary towels


•Books and stationery




Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:




Sweetness Pullen +27 (0) 41 583 1851

Thank You for your support!